Drools :: Drools-6.5.0.Final Project Structure

A workbench is structured with Organization Units, VFS repositories and Projects:


Organizational Unit

On the main screen, click the “Administration” link or the menu Authoring/Administration:

You will see:

Select Organization Unit, and +Add button:

and after OK:


Create Repository

You must set the kiemgmt role to your user to be able to use the Managed Repository. See post “Drools-6.5.0.Final Project Structure”, add user kieserver.

Managed Repositories

All new assets management features are available for this type of repositories. Additionally a managed repository can be Single Project or Multi Project.
A Single Project managed repository will contain just one Project. And a Multi Project managed repository can contain multiple Projects. All of them related through the same parent, and they will share the same group and version information.

Unmanaged Repositories

Assets management features are not available for this type or repositories and they basically behave the same as the repositories created with previous workbench versions.

Select New repository:

New repository:



Create Project

Select Authoring >> Project Authoring >> New Item >> Project:

After Project:



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